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Welcome to Pokémon Colostadium!

The goal of this site is to create a detailed info and media resource for the underappreciated 3D Pokémon games of the Nintendo 64 and GameCube era. That said, we tend to take things at our own pace around here so content is limited.

2016-04-04 Slowly whipping Pokémon Stadium's GLC page into shape.
2016-03-02 Pokémon Stadium Pika Cup section is in place
2016-03-01 Complete move sets and rules added to Stadium's Petit Cup
2016-02-29 Tweaks and additions to various pages site-wide
2016-02-28 Colostadium upgraded to sleeker, mobile-friendlier version 2.0
2013-07-29 A full information page has been added for Pokémon Colosseum's Mt.Battle AREA 10
2013-01-27 The Pokémon Stadium 2 Soundtrack is now up for grabs
2013-01-21 Added a Rival page to the Pokémon Stadium 2 section
2013-01-20 Added a Prime Cup page to Pokémon Stadium 2
2013-01-19 Coding upgrades site-wide
2013-01-19 Added Pokémon Stadium 2 Little Cup page
2010-01-01 Pokémon Colostadium opens to the public!
2010-01-01 Pokémon Stadium Petit Cup section is in place
2009-12-31 Pokémon Colosseum Soundtrack page is complete
2009-12-31 Pokémon Stadium Gym Leader Castle section is in place

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Colostadium Officially Launched 2010-01-01