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Welcome to Pokémon Colostadium!

3D Pokémon

In 2005 I envisioned a detailed info and media resource for the underappreciated 3D Pokémon games of the Nintendo 64 and GameCube era. I didn't really have the time to dedicate, so I only designed a site layout and let it sit. In 2010, I still had that itch, and thought that even among giants like and Bulbagarden, there was room for me to present these games with more style and personality, in addition to filling in where others lacked movesets and such.

So I began slowly piecing together the content I'd gathered in the course of playing through these games, and Colostadium became a fun project to chip away at. A decade later, I decided it was time to give up the fantasy of this whimsical little site, but I still had a fair bit of info and images gathered that I didn't want going to waste. In the final months of 2019 I pushed to round out Colostadium with the rest of what I'd already partially made, before officially wrapping things up before 2020 hit. Thanks for visiting.

2019/12/31 A Shadow Pokémon List has been added to Colosseum, and an (incomplete) one added to Gale of Darkness.
2019/12/27 The Gale of Darkness Soundtrack page is up.
2019/12/22 Pages have been added to Colosseum's Mt. Battle Areas 6 & 7, plus less fleshed-out pages for Areas 1 through 5.
2019/12/21 Pages have been added to Colosseum's Mt. Battle Areas 8 & 9.
2019/11/11 A Pokémon Stadium Music page has been added, and trainer details filled in on Stadium 2's Little Cup page.
2019/11/03 Cleaned up Pokémon Stadium 2's Little Cup, Prime Cup, & Rival pages, plus added a small Colosseum Gallery page.
2019/10/24 Images screencapped and cut out in 2003-2005 finally see the light of day. 20 for Stadium 2 and all 151 for Stadium 1.
2019/10/22 A page has been added for Mewtwo's battle, and the rest of Pokémon Stadium's GLC full move sets filled in.
2019/10/19 Pokémon Stadium Poké and Prime Cup pages are in place.
2019/01/20 Added a home page image and tucked away older updates into a fold-out menu.
2018/06/06 Full move sets have been added for the first four gyms in Pokémon Stadium's GLC.
2016/04/04 Slowly whipping Pokémon Stadium's GLC page into shape.
2016/03/02 Pokémon Stadium Pika Cup section is in place
2016/03/01 Complete move sets and rules added to Stadium's Petit Cup
2016/02/29 Tweaks and additions to various pages site-wide
2016/02/28 Colostadium upgraded to sleeker, mobile-friendlier version 2.0
2013/07/29 A full information page has been added for Pokémon Colosseum's Mt.Battle AREA 10
2013/01/27 The Pokémon Stadium 2 Soundtrack is now up for grabs
2013/01/21 Added a Rival page to the Pokémon Stadium 2 section
2013/01/20 Added a Prime Cup page to Pokémon Stadium 2
2013/01/19 Coding upgrades site-wide
2013/01/19 Added Pokémon Stadium 2 Little Cup page
2010/01/01 Pokémon Colostadium opens to the public!
2010/01/01 Pokémon Stadium Petit Cup section is in place
2009/12/31 Pokémon Colosseum Soundtrack page is complete
2009/12/31 Pokémon Stadium Gym Leader Castle section is in place

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